Historia zmian FinePrint 10

v6.25 June 30, 2011

  • set initial duplex settings for the pdfFactory printer

v6.20 March 23, 2011

  • new toolbar layout that more closely matches pdfFactory
  • enlarged the preview area of the Open dialog
  • fixed a hang that sometimes happened when you clicked on FP files in the Open dialog Recent list
  • Ctrl-0 (zero) now returns the display to 100% zoom
  • fixed problems imaging accented Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai characters
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010 no longer erroneously shows the "Manual 2 Sided Printing" duplex mode when printing to FinePrint
  • columns of text in columnar documents are now properly aligned
  • Bates fields in stamp sets now work correctly
  • changed SendMessageTimeout parameters in order to prevent named pipe timeout problems
  • fixed problems imaging complex composite glyphs in Cambria under Windows 7
  • (Server Edition) printing statistics are now stored in the license database instead of in separate files
  • (Server Edition) fixed a memory allocation error that happened when copying client info to the clipboard

v6.15 October 14, 2010

  • the Add/Remove Programs entry for FinePrint now shows the version number and date of installation
  • fixed a DLL error that happened when printing from some 32-bit applications under 64-bit Windows
  • fixed a bug where sometimes Setup did not create the FinePrint printer
  • the printer shortcut in the Send To folder is now created correctly under Vista and Windows 7
  • the thumbnail tooltips that appear when you click and drag the scroll bar are now larger
  • you can now easily hide or show the left panel with a single click on the arrow button in between the two panels
  • (Server Edition) Setup no longer presents the "Choose Platforms" dialog during installation. Printer drivers are installed for all supported Windows platforms. Please note that Windows 9x/Me and Windows NT 4.0 (kernel mode) are no longer supported, so these drivers are not installed.
  • (Server Edition) right-clicking in the Users list now allows you to copy the list to the clipboard. You can paste the results into Excel and create reports.
  • (Server Edition) propagation of settings to non-admin users now works correctly under all supported versions of Windows (including Windows Server 2008 R2) and no longer triggers driver updates

v6.13 September 28, 2010

  • fixed DLL load problems when printing from OneNote 2007 and Outlook 2007
  • fixed problems imaging right-to-left text
  • fixed problems imaging transparent fills from Word 2007
  • fixed problems imaging small data points in Excel charts
  • text highlights are now properly converted to grayscale when the Grayscale option is checked
  • fixed problems imaging nonstandard TrueType glyphs (e.g. ligatures or special characters)
  • when the system taskbar is autohidden, printing to FinePrint in the background no longer causes Windows to unhide the taskbar
  • the "Create new FinePrint printer" button in the Settings dialog no longer requires administrative privileges under Windows Vista and Windows 7

v6.12 December 14, 2009

  • both 32 and 64-bit FinePrint now support the following output file formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF (including LZW compression), TXT
  • the Properties command for the physical printer is now located in the printer menu on the toolbar, instead of in the Advanced dialog
  • fonts which are installed on the system are no longer unnecessarily embedded in the FP file
  • "First page only" and "First sheet only" stamp sets are now correctly displayed in Booklet layout

v6.11 November 13, 2009

  • the "Separate jobs" setting is now available in 1-up single-sided layout, because it can affect the page numbers displayed in stamp sets
  • fixed problems where hilited and redacted text was sometimes not imaged correctly in the PDF file when an FP file was sent to pdfFactory
  • selecting text now works properly when "Maintain text column alignment" is enabled
  • the Printers menu is now properly truncated when there are more printers than will fit on the screen
  • letterheads and stamp sets that overlap each other are now imaged correctly
  • rotated text is now imaged correctly when saved as BMP or JPEG
  • fixed problems viewing and printing documents with extremely large amounts of rotated text
  • combined the 32-bit and 64-bit releases into a single downloadable file
  • a correct output file name is now proposed when you save a print job whose name contains a period (e.g. "Documentation v56.5 Release")
  • fixed problems where words were sometimes printed too close to each other
  • the correct icon is now displayed in the Windows 7 task bar
  • fixed problems in the uninstaller under Windows 7
  • Windows NT 4 is no longer supported

v6.10 June 18, 2009

  • you can now select text using the mouse, and by right-clicking on the selected text you can copy, delete, highlight, or redact the text
  • right-clicking on a bitmap now allows you to copy, save, or delete the bitmap
  • the Layout tab can now be automatically hidden when not in use, which allows for a larger page display. Right-click on the Layout tab and choose the "Auto-hide" option.
  • fixed problems with deleting and undeleting pages via the right-click menu
  • improved the appearance of toolbar buttons
  • added a Cursor toolbar, which controls the mouse function when the page display is zoomed
  • fixed problems imaging embedded TrueType fonts which contain incomplete tables
  • rotated bitmaps from Word are now imaged correctly
  • fixed display problems that sometimes happened after selective printing (e.g. when you right-click on a page and choose "Print this page")

v6.09 May 2, 2009

  • fixed a bug where masked content (e.g. a transparent fill in Powerpoint) sometimes was not redrawn properly onscreen after the document was printed on a printer
  • fixed problems where rotated text was sometimes imaged incorrectly when scaling is involved (i.e. a non-Bypass layout)
  • booklets no longer print with repeated pages when the "Repeat Pages" option was previously chosen
  • (Server Edition only) Fixed problems where sometimes the Client Folder settings were not correctly propagated from the server to the clients
  • (Server Edition only) Fixed problems where Stamp Sets were sometimes not correctly propagated from the server to the clients

v6.08 March 24, 2009

  • fixed a problem displaying some old versions of FP files when scaling is involved
  • changes for Japanese language version

v6.06 February 3, 2009

  • fixed installation errors in AddPrinterDriver and AddPrinter that happened on some systems
  • fixed an AutoSave problem that sometimes caused large files to be saved incorrectly
  • fixed a bug where selective printing (e.g. "print this page") sometimes printed the entire job when pdfFactory is the destination printer
  • when sheets and pages mean the same thing (Bypass or 1-up, single-sided), redundant menu commands "print this sheet" and "print selected sheets" are no longer shown
  • the FinePrint uninstaller now sets the Windows default printer back to the current destination printer, if FinePrint is the default printer at the time of uninstallation
  • now properly handles the case where a user logoff or system shutdown is started while the FinePrint window is open
  • the variable now works correctly in stationery when job separation is enabled
  • the "FinePrint 2-up Letter" paper size now appears as a choice in application (e.g. Word) Page Setup dialogs

v6.05 January 20, 2009

  • the Jobs list now grows or shrinks automatically when print jobs are added or deleted
  • ampersand characters in printer nicknames are now displayed properly
  • Windows 7 is now supported
  • text runs can now be longer than 255 characters
  • (Server Edition) letterheads are now correctly propagated to clients when the "Copy letterheads to all clients" box is checked after Printing Preferences are displayed
  • (Server Edition) improved propagation of printer settings (e.g. paper size, "Do not show dialog") from the server to the clients

v6.04 October 27, 2008

  • bitmaps with RLE compression now image correctly
  • added a Grayscale option to the Layout tab
  • navigation keys (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, up own, left, right) keys now work when the preview is zoomed
  • fixed a crash that sometimes happened when pages were cut and pasted
  • (Server Edition only) fixed problems that sometimes happened when standard users attempted to upgrade to a newer version of the product

v6.03 September 30, 2008

  • international releases
  • fixed display problems in the Printing Preferences dialog
  • fixed display problems in the Trays dialog (Letterhead tab)
  • dialog items are now sized correctly at 120 dpi and other display resolutions
  • hitting Ctrl-V no longer causes a crash when no pages were previously cut
  • the "Copies" control is now properly shown or hidden when you toggle between Show All and Show Custom
  • clicking on the PDF button (when pdfFactory is installed) no longer incorrectly clears the Double-sided setting or prints to the wrong printer

v6.02 August 26, 2008

  • fixed a CFpFile Error 7 that sometimes happened with embedded or Symbol fonts
  • checking the "Enable right to left page ordering on Layout tab" check box in the Settings dialog now also sets the corresponding entry in the Customize dialog, so that the "Right to left" check box is made visible
  • fixed a bug in Save As JPEG where sometimes the output JPEG file did not have the correct colors
  • fixed a crash that sometimes happened when trying to display the FinePrint dialog (either through printing, or Printing Preferences)
  • made the Printing Preferences dialog larger so that it no longer truncates the Letterhead minitab
  • the "Double-sided" control is now properly disabled when Booklet layout is selected, since booklets are always double-sided
  • (Server Edition only) fixed communication problems that sometimes prevented the Licensing tab from seeing other servers running FinePrint
  • (Server Edition only) new "Configuration..." button on the Licensing tab for easily configuring a multi-server installation of pdfFactory

v6.01 August 1, 2008

  • paper-tray based letterheads are now supported
  • the "Double-sided" check box is now properly updated when the destination printer is changed
  • extra blank pages are no longer printed when "Show deleted pages" or "Show deleted jobs" is checked
  • the status bar now displays the number of sheets that will be printed when in Booklet layout
  • fixed redraw problems in the driver UI under Vista
  • (Server Edition only) Fixed problems with the Licensing tab when FinePrint 5 and FinePrint 6 Server Editions are both installed on the same network

v6.00 July 16, 2008

  • fixed a display problem when you change the double-sided setting while in Show All mode
  • fixed a display problem with the About tab when displayed from Properties in the Printers folder

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